Gay Buffet

The Gay buffet: 37" h. x 76" w. x 17" d.

Thought provoking combinations of materials and geometric forms have been a hallmark of William Robbin's designs. Here, a North American black walnut slab combines with bamboo plywood door fronts to create a large buffet with drawer and shelf partions inside. The randomness of the pattern and the natural edged slab of walnut make this a happy design in spite of its imposing size. Of course, the dimensions are dependent on the slab we start with and the bamboo can be stained any number of colors.

Gay Buffet open
Gay Buffet side view

The Gay buffet - the bar code version: 60" w. x 36" h. x 19" d.


Here are two variations on the "Gay" design showing how versatile it can be. The version below utilizes a slab of elm wood cut in Princeton, NJ for the top and the usual bamboo plywood for the doors and sides. The interior is birch, trimmed with locally grown sycamore. It does not have a curved backsplash. The "Gay" buffets can be specified with or without the backsplash.

wood front Gay Buffet
Gay Buffet open

Prices available on request